Sky & Glass

Cambridge, Massachusetts - 8/12/14

Os Gemeos #1

A controversial (initially anyway) 70’ x 70’ mural in Dewey Square, downtown Boston created by Brazilian street-artists/brothers Os Gemeos.

Boston, Massachusetts - 8/21/12


Between acts at the Unadilla Summer Theater.

Marshfield, Vermont - 8/25/12

Corner Windows

Montpelier, Vermont - 8/29/12

Empty passageway

Mohtpelier, Vermont - 8/29/13

Morning light through sheer curtains

Lincoln, Massachusetts - 8/9/14

August Morning

Madrid, Spain - 8/24/10

Los Titos

Madrid, Spain - 8/20/10

Bailarina de la Calle

Madrid, Spain - 8/28/11

Tattoo Parlor Window

Madrid, Spain - 8/20/10

Minimalist Window Garden

Madrid, Spain - 7/6/10

Corner Window

Montpelier, Vermont - 7/19/12

Many thanks to Tumblr’s editors for the ‘black and white’ tag on the previous photo, ‘Convergence.’  That was a lovely surprise.

And thanks to everyone who stops by this page (and its companion pages) - your visits mean a lot to me.  

And also: thanks for the continuing inspiration your work gives me — all of you.  There is a huge amount of high-level creativity happening out there in the  Tumblrverse - what a pleasure to have this little outpost in the middle of it all.


Madrid, Spain - 3/10/12

Self-Portrait at El Matadero

Madrid, Spain - 8/13/11